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Use running for your own words! The Explorer flying team was formally established, and the port of war was 100.

November 3, 2016 Pathfinder team set up and flew over the training camp ceremony held in Beijing. The flight training camp, which aims to rapidly improve the performance of domestic cross-country runners in the short term, begins the first training course at the Beijing Olympic Park. It is reported that the Pathfinder flying team adhering to the "life" is beyond the resolution, invited the famous French extreme endurance athletes, has twice won the world championship off-road exploration Myriam Ms. Guillot served as a consultant to China, known as "Mountain King" title of Mr. Wei Biao as head coach, the country's top runner Zhou Chuyan, to pay Zhao Jia, Eren, Wei, Sun Lamei, and Niu Chao, Zhang Zhenlong, Xu Jing, Liu Jiji and Chen Zhongren formed the Pathfinder team can be said over China gathered in cross-country top master and the team, at present the first impact of the target is in a very endurance test in the Hongkong 100 km cross-country. In order to prepare for the port of 100, flying training camp is expected this year will be held two training camps in Beijing and Dali, and the two training camp for the mass recruitment of campers, more runners will have the opportunity to get a rare opportunity to enhance the technical level. Sheng Faqiang, founder of the
explorer, spoke
conference site guests over the team consultant Myriam Guillot, Beijing special events Xingzhi explore Event Management Limited eight hundred limit on quicksand executive director Yan dream, north the National Development Institute ran group secretary Zhang Jingwei, the national development institute leader Mou Ge 12 earthquake, love Jiangshan founder Wang Yan, founder of Si Qiang malamala, Pathfinder brand Founder Group Chairman Sheng Faqiang, Pathfinder group executive vice president Jiang Zhongfu, vice president of the Shenyang Pathfinder brand center, toread supply chain vice president Hu Wei, the Pathfinder foot division general manager Chen Kai, Pathfinder equipment division general manager Li Juan, Pathfinder e-commerce general manager Chen Binna are the scene for over team cheer. According to the Pathfinder brand founder, group chairman Mr. Sheng Faqiang said: after two years of strategic upgrade, Pathfinder from outdoor travel, outdoor sports, extended to the three major business groups coordinated development, Pathfinder to let everyone have a healthy way of life, let the life is wonderful because of exceeding "for the mission," to provide outdoor sports the ultimate and experiential travel service to the public, become the community ecological organization "lead a healthy lifestyle for the development of vision, has taken a solid pace. But as a pathfinder in cross-country running an important development direction of running volume, after several years of hard work has achieved impressive record, Pathfinder over the team, is the focus of Pathfinder outdoor sports sub categories, the pursuit of specialization, try to lead a universal participation in outdoor fitness.
Explorer flying team invites consultant Myriam GuillotMr. Sheng Faqiang, the founder of
conference and the chairman of the group, presented the training and equipment for the explorers to fly over the team and coaches. Mr. Chen Kai, the general manager of the explorer's hiking department, introduced to support the training of the Explorer flying team,

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