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The UTMB Asia station will formally settle in the Gongga mountain to build the top cross-country race.

UTMB last month successfully concluded, Blanc in France under the peak of Chamonix Town, Sichuan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Ganzi province government and the UTMB International group, Xingzhi exploration (Switzerland) reached a cooperation agreement, witness UTMB Xingzhi exploration and signed a long-term cooperation agreement. This marks the UTMB, the world's top cross-country race, will formally settle in the Gongga mountains.

Utmb (TheUltra-Traildu Mont-Blanc, referred to as UTMB) is an annual mountain cross-country super marathon held in the Alps, which began in 2003. The track passes through France, Italy and Switzerland for about 166 kilometers, starting from the town of Chamonix, Blanc. It is considered to be the best cross-country race in the world. Since 2006, with the entry of Courmayeur-Champex �C Chamonix (ring Blanc peak half weeks) and Sur les Traces des Ducs deSavoie, UTMB has become a series of games. The annual series will attract more than 8000 global top off-road master competition, in Chinese · Ganzi hundred kilometers around Gongga mountain international mountain outdoor sports challenge on the achievements of the athletes have participated in many colourful bridge transport UTMB tournament, the best results at China nationality players in the competition made for sixth.
It is reported that
UTMB, enter jifensai "threshold" is very high, we need to obtain international cross-country Association qualification, then UTMB will accept the next race with the integral system for approval before adding UTMB authorization event points system, and to authorize the use of UTMB LOGO. The UTMB off-road Asian station has settled in the rear of the Gongga mountain. It will make plans for the match, the sports industry and the tourism industry area and the extension. And this event in Gongga mountain will improve the influence and popularity of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, and play a positive role in the development of the whole region tourism. (Comba media network)

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