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Valen Hsu and her husband run video on a social media show.

since Song Seung's default with Liu Yifei's relationship, many netizens have been surprised to find that the domestic entertainment stars are married to the Koreans. Including Tang Wei, Qi Wei, Valen Hsu, South Korea Obama seems big legs is a trend which cannot be halted. Valen Hsu, married to the Korean husband Cui, is often an envied piece of two people on the social network.

in August 5th, Valen Hsu shared a group of photos and video videos of her husband running with Cui Zaicheng on the social networking site. Valen Hsu, who had a ponytail, seemed to be alive. But two years of marriage has been a period of time, I see the girl around to be upgraded to mother, also unavoidable to be urged to be born.

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do you think that running can only lose weight? Then you are too narrow, running can teach us a lot of life philosophy. As a runner, have you realized that?

"key parts" need key protection!

no matter what time, location, and what you are doing, your "key parts" always need special protection. When they will come to you in unexpected to embarrass you. For example, you can think what just took part in the race, even went to the men's nipple rub off skin or are girls in the aunt in the bloody run... An embarrassment that we need to be reminded that: whether you are running or daily life, please give the key parts "key protection!

money should be spent on the blade!

even if a good sports underwear price is comparable to the "secret of Vitoria", it can't fool the whole running process just by wearing an ordinary underwear to save money. Droop, expand... When you realize that the problem is serious, it is often impossible to make up for it.

turns a hobby into a contest, a silly

people who love running must force themselves to run into 330. Just like singing people, they must push themselves to send films, and turn hobbies into competitions, no matter they are competing with others or competing with themselves, they are all unpleasant things. Follow the heart and move all the time.

is always better than

no one to start running and fully prepared to do homework, take to run on foot. Instead of trying to imagine when you will start, it's better to wear shoes now!

does not have a castle in the air,

's running posture has not been adjusted to be anxious to pursue speed only to be troubled by injuries. There is no castle in the air, a rammed foundation, and everything can come to an end.

is open to open source, and also to throttle

wants to do things, to open source, and to know how to throttle. Want to run to lose weight, to stride leg, also to the tube shut up!

knows that the moderation side can be permanent
runs well, it can't run every day. Understand the temperance, let the rest of the rest, the relief of the ease, the mature mature.

looks up to the sky, and more attention should be paid to the

night run to see the beautiful sky, but also to be careful not to be tripped by the foot of the stone! Do the same thing, look for the long term, but more attention should be paid to the immediate emergency.

persisted in a silly thing for 100 years, and that was great!

is not running one or two days effective western medicine, but steady habits. No one can run 5 days to lose 10KG, and no one can run for 10 days to run out of good body, it is important to insist.

is like pursuing a beautiful girl, if you do 100 moving things for her, even if she doesn't marry you, >

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