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Vanquish x Tricker s
brand Vanquish products in Japan and British shoe brand Tricker' s jointly issued the 2012 spring summer new carved boots. The shoes with classic seven boots for the design of the prototype, the black light leather build, and Bullock carved elements into them, the whole exudes a gorgeous texture, full of eye-catching. This new product has been on sale for 71400 yen

ACG as a famous sports brand Nike's outdoor sport, admirable place not only to highlight the performance of the product, but also on the different styles of care, including the famous Nike Air running Max 1, this time for you to introduce the recent sale of ACG Pack version.

this made use of black to constitute the main hue, supplemented by white midsole, green Swoosh hook ornament, interestingly, the shoes with different colors of shoelaces, identification is full! In the good visual effect, its powerful function can not be ignored, the overall use of "transformation of ACG type", provides wear resistance incomparable, and the classic MAX air cushion in different terrain to ensure your carefree ride, so both the appearance and function of the shoes must be loved by everyone. The shoes have been on the shelves of Nike related authorized shops, and they are sure to set off a wave of panic buying.

last night just update the running man, fairies are watching? You are in the baby and F moved back, you noticed Luhan feet coconut
did not expect to start the game, baby heels became a black coconut.
carefully rolled in front of a few F, you have an amazing discovery:

this season of "running man" shoes Adidas contracted directly by

VS Nike Adidas, who are you wearing?

is the same as the shoe industry overlord, Adidas and Nike in the "tear force not every hour and moment". Today, Mr. F set three: PK spokesperson, joint object, senior Metrosexual collection, see who is 17 years of tidal circle overlord ~
The first round of

A spokesperson for

after blasting Nike

as the saying goes, please spokesmen good, the boss did not trouble, not only bring traffic but also enhance the brand force. At this point, Nike this Zaoxin silly child, no law and the "harem of three thousand" aduibi.
17 years four spokesperson

sign Luhan did two days, today the popular network Reds Adidas yuan sister Kim in the harem.

put the net red, small meat into the harem what? Probably, deer Han, Wu Yifan, sister Kim icon happy to wear these trends Adidas, unhappy or wear Adidas, next year it is half adidas.

about it "big star" in the second season, a dedicated spokesman Luhan ADI

well, now looking back, is not often in the contestants are micro-blog, INS brush to wear their Adidas?

Wu Yifan

Eason Chan

Edison Chan

six uncle Shawn Yue

lick screen idol handsome face of one hour, followed by emotion: gosh, Adidas this good tide, the same paragraph, the same paragraph to


Fei Dong


Please look at the rest of the harem
member list:
Gianna Jun
, Victoria Song, Katy Perry, nikcy Minaj, big fruit sister Sean, beckham......
Now let's look at the Nike
. The silly child obsessed professional, did not spend less money, please are:

James, Kobe, Durant (basketball)

Federer, Nadal, Sharapova Li Na (tennis player)

Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Torres (footballer)

...... .

knows who they are!!! In football only high value Yan Beckham also being robbed of adi. Nike ah, you can take a heart to this year the spell is color value and fashion sense to

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