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Vans in the autumn of 2010 in the city to envy the upcoming name "City Pack" shoes, including the symbol of Boston's dark green color, a symbol of the Phoenix purple color, orange and blue and yellow color, the symbol of london. And each city under a high shoes and a low shoe, including Chukka, Era, Old, Skool and Half, Cab, and so on, like friends may pay attention to.

Nike Sportswear announced in February this year, and the sale of "metal red" color of the Nike Air Foamposite One, coincides with Valentine's day of jubilation, this holiday themed products have also been sold. See the dazzling and dazzling red spray, can not help but let everyone associate if you can have a pink spray out, then how good is it? This time to cater to everyone's feelings, Nike Sportswear at the end of this year, November is expected to announce and sell the "pink" color of Nike Air Foamposite One new products, I hope this does not let everyone dream come to nothing. We can see the shoelace hole, lining and laces are still black decoration from the spy photos, the body of the shoe should be pink Foamposite material, also appears to be the bottom end of the crystal color, so we look forward to the physical picture of the exposure!
Wei Jianglei is sharing the event.

recently opened second "Chinese athletics training marathon competition organization and management at Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, senior vice president of sina, sina sports general manager Mr. Wei Jianglei invited to participate in the marathon, and share their promotional strategies carefully sum up in the field. Mr. Wei Jianglei has more than ten years of age has run, run more than twenty horses, but he also has been actively promoting the Chinese road running, he advocated the marathon etiquette has sparked widespread discussion in the run by him, the main push of the sina sports marathon show live mode is by industry first follow. Through his observation, thinking and practice, Wei Jianglei has great experience in promoting and promoting the marathon. He shared the following points:
training class scene.
I, the reason for the clear competition
" if a race wants to carry out the propaganda in a definite direction, we must find the orientation and make clear the purpose of the competition. "
The marathon in the big city of
has a big city play, and the marathon in a small city has a small city. The marathon such as North horse, horse and horse Xiamen, through many years of operation, its brand advantage is very obvious, the players need to have the opportunity to draw through competition, big city marathon runners can arouse the enthusiasm of participating, which affects more people onto the road of physical fitness, contribute to the building civilized City, improve people's health, and reduce the pressure of medical insurance.

"for some tourist cities, high quality sports promotion can stimulate the development of the tourism industry." To this end, Mr. Wei Jianglei specifically mentioned the Zhoushan and Zhengkai marathon, the two tournament, sina sports have opened a special report, in particular by running a reality show was broadcast live video broadcast, not only concerned about the game top, but continue with some local delicacy of cultural propaganda to run, as the center for the show, received good results.
Wei Jianglei (left) is a guest reporter on the Zhoushan marathon live broadcast.
can create city card, enhance the image of the government and drive economic development. As long as we identify the positioning of the competition and meet our needs, we can achieve excellent results.

two, features of mining events

in 2014, the State Council issued "Document No. 46", which reduced the threshold of the competition. This year, the marathon fever swept the country, major sports company held a marathon has become a common practice, but the attendant problems, the number of events increased sharply so the marathon homogenization phenomenon is very serious, Wei Jianglei pointed out: "marathon to get a good publicity effect, must own the characteristics of mining events. One ten."

the past six months we maxed circle of friends of the marathon, running across the city two towns of Jiang Han Ma Qiao Wuhu four, the track design contains the city culture, coupled with the support of the government, is organized for the first time, but has been deeply capture the runner's heart. Sina sports in this game >

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