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yesterday morning, a third year students in the playground, suddenly fall to the ground, heartbeat, breathing and chest compressions thanks to the teacher in a timely manner, adhere to the emergency doctor arrived, after emergency doctors continue to rescue, recovery of heartbeat and breathing part of students. But as of the press, he is still not out of the ventilator, and is now in the hospital for further rescue.

more than 9 a.m. the day before yesterday, the students were running in a team on the playground runway of a school in new Wu District. Suddenly, a 16 year old boys suddenly fell to the ground, around the students, the teacher did not react, but he himself stood up, then ran two paces, and fell. At this time, a male teacher hurried to see, found that he had no consciousness, and called his name did not respond. The teacher immediately pressed him out of the chest, and the others dialed "120" for help.

about 5 minutes later, the "120" ambulance arrived at the school. Male teachers always adhere to the emergency doctor arrived, emergency doctors taking over to the on-site rescue. After examination, the heart and breath of the students were all without. The ECG monitor showed partial ventricular fibrillation, so 2 defibrillation was immediately defibrillation, and the chest was pressed and intubated. After more than 10 minutes of rescue, the student's heartbeat recovered, and the blood pressure was slowly coming up, but the breathing was very weak and needed to breathe through the ventilator.

later, the boys were sent to the emergency resuscitation room at the people's Hospital for further rescue. His blood pressure, heartbeat and blood sugar were all normal after the examination. Doctors didn't find any underlying diseases that could cause sudden death. They asked teachers and parents that he had no history of disease. At 3 p.m., the doctor said that the breathing situation of the boys improved, but the fever started, and the people were still in a coma and were not in danger of life.

it is understood that the case of sudden death on campus almost every year, mostly in running, playing basketball and other violent sports. According to previous experience, the cause of sudden death of students is related to the arrhythmia caused by fatigue. In the case of sudden death, more than 90% of sudden cardiac death was defined according to the WHO. In addition, about 10% of sudden death causes were unknown. The sudden death occurred within 4 minutes. About 50% of the people could survive, 1 minutes per delay, and the survival rate decreased by 10%. More than 8 minutes, the brain will have irreversible damage, even if it comes back, it is likely to become a "vegetative". More than 10 minutes, can be said to irretrievable.

"if the male teacher did not press his chest outside the chest, a simple and effective first aid was taken, and he might die on the spot." "120" emergency doctor remind, found someone to fall, call it should not, touch the neck artery no pulsation, no breathing, can be judged to be sudden death. At this time the most simple and effective method of rescue is the chest press, the frequency is about 100 times per minute, adhere to the arrival of emergency personnel. (Wuxi daily)

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